Make Use of Small Outdoor Space

Having a balcony is one of the many perks of living in a condo or apartment. Regardless of its size, there are so many opportunities to transform your small outdoor space into one of your favorite spots to lounge, read, cook, and even entertain!


On a nice sunny day, it is always amazing to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. You can do this just steps away from your living room by creating a beautiful outdoor patio by adding relaxation essentials. 

One way to utilize your patio is to add a small table and chair set. Many people have made the most of their space by including a bench and cushions that fit just enough to create a perfect spot to enjoy the fresh air as well as decorate your outdoor space. A bench is a perfect compromise to a seating area if your balcony is not large enough for a full table set. 

One of our favorite outdoor benches is linked below. Make this bench your own by adding outdoor throw pillows that you can change with the seasons.  

Outdoor bench


Although entertaining guests in a small space like your balcony seems challenging, with some small additions to your outside space it can be a great place to enjoy the outdoors with your friends! 

Set up a mini bar or coffee spot on your balcony. Create a corner and set up a cocktail hour with your friends. Bar carts are a simple and easy addition to your outside space. Linked below is our personal favorite bar cart because it is on wheels so you are able to move it wherever and whenever you please!

Bar Cart 


Not only is the balcony a great place to entertain your friends, but it can also be used to entertain the little ones as well! All kids love to be outside, and it can be difficult while living in an apartment to find the time to take them outside to enjoy the day. Here are a few activities that are great for kids to be entertained and outside without the hassle of needing to leave your home!

Let your kid be amazed by wonderful bubbles out on the balcony by creating a bubble corner on your balcony. This bubble machine is perfectly designed to entertain your kids with its fun designs and bubble-blowing magic! 

Bubble machine

Bubble set 

A sandbox is not exactly ideal for an apartment considering the mess it may carry into the room; however, Mood Sand is the perfect solution. Moon sand is colorful molding sand that is mess-free. Creating a box of moon sand is the perfect way to keep the kids entertained while you are hosting your friends. 

Moon Sand 

Sand Box Set