The Power of SEO Within Blogs

Have you ever written a blog post about a subject you are passionate about only for it to get lost within the internet? Or not reach the audience you were hoping for? I know I have. However, once I discovered the impact of utilizing search engine optimization (SEO), I realized I have had the ability to not only reach my target audience, but also make my blog more visible to that audience. Since today’s world has become so media-driven, it is important to utilize SEO in order to grasp your readers attention. So, you may be wondering….What is SEO?  If you have ever struggled to gain popularity from your blog post, or fear you are not reaching your target audience, follow along to see the benefits of incorporating SEO while writing your blog posts. 

SEO has a variety of different benefits for different companies, marketing tactics, advertising and so on. Today we will focus on how SEO is a necessary resource when creating a blog. SEO is important when it comes to writing a blog for many reasons. It increases visibility for your post, can target a specific audience, and improve your blogs ranking and credibility. After researching the benefits of incorporating SEO into my blog writing, I now realize that SEO not only increases a blogs visibility but it also opens up the opportunity for blogs to reach its target audience. 

Among the many advantages SEO brings, one aspect that I found the most useful is the ability to reach a more targeted audience. SEO provides blog posts with the opportunity to align the blog content with the interests of a specific target audience. By incorporating specific keywords and topics while writing a blog post, SEO has the ability to recognize those key words and connect the blog to relatable content that readers have recently searched. By using key words throughout a blog, SEO is able to place that blog in a category to attract readers who are interested in the subject. Through the use of SEO, blogs not only reach a broader audience, but also grab the attention of readers who are interested in the subject as well! I consider this as a win for both the author of the blog along with the audience! 

Not only does SEO assist blogs in finding the correct audience, it also plays a role in improving a blogs ranking in search engine results. If a blog is ranked high, it also increases the blog’s credibility. A high ranking blog with credible sources is more likely to be clicked on and read. By utilizing SEO, the chances of a blog post being seen and valued is more likely to be considered a reliable source of information in comparison to a blog that does not use SEO resources. 

Although this is just a glimpse of the power SEO holds when it comes to attracting attention to a blog post, it is clear that it is a skill worth investing your time in. By incorporating SEO techniques into creating a blog, it allows you to connect to a target audience, improve a blogs ranking and increase its visibility on the internet.

Gigi Hanley